From the Classroom

Many school sites throughout the district are using iPads and iPod Touches to differentiate instruction, provide access to digital resources, and as tools for the creation of student-produced digital content.  Take a look at one of the stories below to learn more.

Cameron Ranch Elementary School

Teachers from Cameron Ranch Elementary School were early adopters of using iPads in the classroom to support student learning.  Cameron Ranch currently has as a small set of iPads in each classroom, along with an iPad cart provided through a Special Education pilot project. In this video produced by Cameron Ranch teachers, the school site documents the successes and challenges with using iPads as teaching and learning tools.

Woodside K-8

Teachers from Woodside K-8 have been using iPad with multiple grade levels of students to directly support learning aligned to the site’s literacy goals. Currently, the school site has a set of 35 iPads that are used with students throughout the school site, but will hopefully be adding more in the future. In this video produced by Woodside teachers, students share examples of how iPads are helping them learn. It is interesting to note, that this particular video was even entirely produced on an iPad.

Teachers from Del Campo High School have been using iPads in their Science courses. Currently, the school has 35 iPads. In this video produced by Del Campo teachers, students discuss what they like about using iPads and show examples of videos and ebooks that they have created using iPads.