Welcome to iSanJuan, the iOS user community for the San Juan Unified School District. Over the past few years many of our teachers, administrators, and students have acquired Apple iOS devices including iPads and iPod Touches. This online resource collects our educational community’s diverse knowledge of how to effectively leverage these devices for student learning all in one location. On iSanJuan you will find a variety of resources including:

  • App Reviews provided by our own teachers, administrators, staff, and students
  • App Lists constructed around various instructional needs
  • Podcasts linked directly to content areas and instructional practices
  • Articles and relevant research for using iOS devices in the classroom
  • From the Classroom – First person accounts from teachers, students, and school site leaders on how iPads and iPods have been effectively used in their classrooms
  • Tutorials and additional resources on setting up and operating your iOS device

Chances are you initially discovered this site because you recently received an iPad or iPod Touch for instructional use or purchased your own personal device and would like to bring it to school. The first place you may want to stop is the First 10 page – the 10 apps you should consider installing to begin your iSanJuan journey.