Apps for ELL Students

Many sites throughout the district are using iPads to support English Language Learners.  Cameron Ranch, Woodside, and Lichen are some of the school sites that have been leading the way.  To assist other sites in their own adoption of iPads to support all students two of our district’s English Learner Instructional Specialists, Karen Lack and Leslie Wriston, have put together the following list of apps they and their students love to use in their classrooms.  For each of the apps that have a fee the price listed is the standard list price.  If your site is purchasing 20 or more copies, many of these apps are available for a 50% discount through the Volume Purchasing Program.

Literacy Apps

Fun with Directions Lite ($0.99)

Fun with Directions measures receptive learning. Students are asked to respond to oral directions and prompts such as, “Touch the airplane” or “give the girl something that she can throw.”  These prompts can even be differentiated based on CELDT levels.  This type of listening activity is measured on the CELDT and the app can be used as a formative assessment as well as a practice activity

Speech with Milo Sequencing ($2.99)

The Speech with Milo app asks students to sequence three events in order.  Hints can be added and phrases can be heard to help the student determine the correct sequencing.  English learners can orally tell the story to a partner or teacher and telling a story in sequence is a speaking requirement of the CELDT.  This app can be used as a formative assessment in between annual testing as well as practice and collaborative partner work.

BugBrained Phonics Awareness (Free)

BugBrained Phonics Awareness helps students work on blending, segmenting, and vowels.  It offers feedback for students immediately.  Phonemic awareness is necessary for EL students in order to demonstrate an understanding for the linguistic characteristics of English.  This supports ELD standards as well as builds foundational reading skills.

BugBrained Concepts of Print ($0.99)

BugBrained Concept of Prints demonstrates and requires students to exhibit an understanding of the basic concepts of print.  Students are given a brief  tutorial, guided practice, and then activites around first and last words, capitals, and punctuation.  These tasks are on the CELDT in the K-1 test as well as needed to build foundational reading skills.  The check yourself portion can also be utilized as a formative assessment.

Builder Apps ($5.99 – $9.99)

Mobile Education Tools has a series of apps that help students construct grammatically correct sentences and learn about various parts of speech.  Each of these apps provide immediate feedback to students and can also record how many attempts individual students have made.  Language Builder, Sentence Builder, Preposition Builder, Question Builder, and Conversation Builder are all worth checking out.

Productivity Apps

Book Creator ($3.99)

With Book Creator students at all age levels can create a book with text, audio, and images and then export it to iBooks.

Doodle Buddy (Free)

Doodle Buddy allows students to share stories and demonstrate their thinking by drawing pictures and adding scenes, stamps, and text.

Dragon Dictation (Free)

With Dragon Dictation students are able to speak into the iPad and their communication is turned into text.

iDiary for Kids ($1.99)

With iDiary for Kids, students can simply create their own journals and can add stamps, images and drawings.

iMovie ($4.99)

Using iMovie, students can create quick and easy movies using the iPad to take photos and videos.

Puppet Pals HD (Free)

Puppet Pals HD is a great storytelling app where students can create puppet shows using avatars while recording their storyline.

ScreenChomp & Show Me (Free)

With ScreenChomp or ShowMe, students can create narrated video screencasts with images, audio, and drawing.  These tools can be used as alternative assessments.

Skitch (Free)

Similar to SreenChomp and ShowMe, with Skitch students can annotate photos or screenshots with text, shapes, and arrows to communicate ideas and share their understanding of concepts.

Sonic Pics ($2.99)

Using SonicPics, students can create video podcasts with still images, text, and audio.  Finalized projects can be exported out as videos.