App Reviews

Below is a list of the most recently reviewed apps.  To find additional apps use the App Review Tag Cloud on the right side of this page to discover apps in different categories.

  • Explain Everything (0)

    Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.39.07 PMExplain Everything is an app that allows teachers to screencast their lessons for use in previewing and reviewing content or as a means to flipping the classroom. In addition, the app can be used by students as a means of formative assessment where they can draw a picture, create a short video, add text to a picture, or even create an animation to demonstrate their learning. Explain Everything costs $2.99.

  • Nearpod (0)

    Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.03.59 PMNearpod is a free app that allows educators to create interactive media presentations. The presentations can be shared with student devices and they can interact with the content by submitting responses to questions, watch a video, take a quiz, draw a picture, browse the internet, or annotate a picture. Nearpod presentations can also be shared with other colleagues and educators around the world.

  • Qwiki (0)

    Qwiki is a pretty amazing website where users can type in a search term and the site provides multimedia information about a topic.  Additionally, Qwiki also links to related resources.  For example if you type in “Sacramento” into the search field, multimedia explanations of John Sutter and the California Gold Rush will appear at the bottom of the page in related resources.  Natively, the Qwiki website will not work in Safari on the iPad.  However, Qwiki has developed a free app that is worth reviewing.

  • Codify (0)

    Codify is a basic programming app that allows students or teachers to create games or multimedia simulations on the iPad.  The programming involves the manipulation of a graphic interface and is very easy to learn.  This $7.99 app could be used in any content area.

  • Puppet Pals (0)

    Puppet Pals is a free app where students can narrate their own story using puppets.  The app is free and comes with a core set of characters.  Additional characters can be purchased for a small fee.

  • Book Creator (0)

    A few weeks ago Book Creator, one of the few apps that allows students to create books on the iPad, became available in the iTunes store.  This $6.99 app allows students to author books that include text and images from the iPad that can then be read via the free iBooks app.  The Langwitches Blog recently mentioned this app in a post featuring the writing of first grade students.

  • Science360 for iPad (0)

    Science360 is a free app from the National Science Foundation that provides quick and easy access to science and engineering images, video, and news.  The app is a great reference tools and all content is provided by universities or research institutions.

  • SimplePhysics (0)

    SimplePhysics is an interactive app that allows your student to test their physics knowledge in a real world setting.  Presented in a game format, users are challenged to construct tree houses, staircases, and even a ferris wheel.  After constructing the object within budget the strength of the structure is tested by adding weights.  This $0.99 app is fairly straight-forward to use and comes with a guide as well.

  • Algebra Touch (0)

    Algebra Touch provides quick interactive reviews of basic algebra concepts.  The app covers simplification, like terms, commutativity, order of operations, factorization, prime numbers, elimination, isolation, variables, basic equations, distribution, factoring, and substitution.  Advanced concepts are being added with each update.  Additionally, users can edit current problems or create their own.  The app costs $2.99, but is available for $1.49 through the volume purchase plan with Technology Services.

  • Xperica HD: Hands On Science (0)

    The Xperica HD Hands On Science app turns your iPad into an interactive virtual lab bench.  The free application comes preinstalled with four labs – Law of Moments, Specific Heat of Water, Resistance in Series, and Oscillations.  For an additional $3.99 seven more physics-based experiments can be downloaded.  According to the Xperica website additional experiment packs are being created and school sites can work with the company to design custom labs.