iOS devices including iPods, iPhones, and iPads are excellent tools for accessing the diverse array of podcasts, videos, and audio files available on the web.   Below you will find links to audio and video resources worth investigating organized by content area.  However, before looking through the individual content areas you may want to explore iTunesU.


iTunesU is a section of the iTunes store available through the iTunes application on your computer or iOS device.  Leading universities, museums, and K-12 institutions throughout the world provide audio and video content free of charge on thousands of different topics.  For example, The Open University offers courses on a variety of world languages, the Khan Academy provides lessons and math and science topics, and Stanford University hosts a course on developing iOS apps.  Additionally, a few organizations, including Edutopia, provide video and audio resources on different instructional practices through iTunesU.

English Language Arts


  • Khan Academy – Math videos ranging from arithmetic through calculus and probability



History & Social Science

World Languages

Art & Music

Technology & Computer Science

  • Digital Photography
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Creating iOS Apps – A collection of courses on creating iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps provided by various educational groups


  • Apple Distinguished Educators: Summer Semester Podcast – Teachers from around the country sharing how they use technology to provide powerful instruction
  • Edutopia – Videos from the George Lucas Educational Foundation
  • STEM Education – A collection of iTunes resources focused on the topic of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in education
  • TED Talks –  Videos from TED conferences and TEDx events