Apple iPad Training: iPads as an Instructional Tool in the Classroom

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Workshop Overview:

Three levels of iPad training are being offered for this training: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Participants are encouraged to bring their own iPad or one that is borrowed from their school site. There will be iPads available to use during the workshops.

Beginning Level: Are you new to using an iPad? This session will be at a pace suitable for beginners. Learn the basics of navigating, setting up, and native apps of an iPad. In addition, learn about content exploration using iTunes U, podcasts, and explore the app store.

Intermediate: Have you already used an iPad in your classroom or have your own personal iPad? This session is for participants that already have some comfort in using an iPad. You will learn all of the skills covered in the basic training. In addition, you will also learn how to use the productivity apps: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Advanced: Advanced Training is a two day training on both June 14 & June 15. Participants must be able to commit to both days of training and be fairly comfortable with the basics of an iPad. Participants will learn all of the skills offered in the beginning and intermediate trainings. In addition, they will learn about accessibility features for hearing and visually impaired, as well as features to assist struggling readers. Likewise, participants will create and share a lesson. Please bring planning curriculum.

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**Please note: If you are attending the Intermediate or Advanced training sessions and have your own iPad, you might consider downloading the apps-Pages, Keynote and Numbers as they will be used during these sessions.