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San Juan Unified School District has partnered with Common Sense Media to assist our teachers in educating our students about how to be upstanding and safe digital citizens. Common Sense Media provides an extensive Digital Citizenship and CyberSafety curriculum.
To begin to access the Free Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Resources, please visit Common Sense Media to register.


 Digital Literacy and Citizenship K-12 Curriculum

Here is a link to a comprehensive Scope and Sequence for each grade level to assist you in your lesson planning.
Common Sense Media: Scope and Sequence
Common Sense Media Video Resources
Free iBooks interactive Textbooks for teachers and students for Common Sense Media Curriculum: Teacher Editions include lesson plans with activities, videos, and interactive assessments, as well as teaching tips, videos of lessons in action, background information about the topics, and resources to share with parents.

The Student Workbooks include engaging lesson activities, thought-provoking videos, and interactive assessments. After students have completed an assignment within the student workbook, they can submit it electronically to the teacher.

Curriculum to meet new amendment to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and E-Rate Compliance

In order to assist teachers and school sites to meet CIPA requirements, the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship classroom curriculum has been identified as having the best approach to provide age appropriate, meaningful instruction.  The curriculum has a series of lessons for each grade level.

Teacher Verification Form for CIPA and E-Rate ComplianceToolkit for E-Rate ComplianceE-Rate Toolkit for Teachers

E-Rate Toolkit for Administrators

Self-paced Curriculum offered Through iTunes U for iPad
Through the iTunes U app on the iPad

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum

Alignment and Standards

Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum maps to a number of national and Common Core standards. Use these charts to identify the ways in which our lessons and units help meet the learning objective for your students.

Parent Education

Cyberbullying Resources

Copyright Information Resources